Religious Freedom

A right that is first in the Constitution and kept safe because soldiers gave their lives to defend it, Tommy Amason will never allow the government to infringe on our religious freedoms. He will work to end IRS restrictions that stop religious non-profits and churches from freely speaking out on political issues. He also will support the protection of people/business that make decisions based on their religious convictions. (Bakeries, Florists, Photographers, etc.)


Having been personally victimized by the VA, Tommy Amason understands the lack of treatment and respect our veterans receive. He will act immediately to improve the care for our heroes. He will inform veterans in our District of local job fairs to aide in their search for employment opportunities. Having had a very close friend and fellow veteran commit suicide, from undiagnosed PTSD, Tommy will ensure that all veterans are aware of how to access any and all forms of treatment.

Second Amendment

Having spent 29 years in the Armed Forces, and being a current NRA member, Tommy Amason has the highest appreciation for the Second Amendment.


Tommy Amason believes a sovereign nation or state should never have to apologize for asking foreigners to seek citizenship through a democratic process. He will support President Trump’s efforts to strengthen our borders and build a wall. Prospective immigrants should be able to show that they will not need to be dependent on our welfare system. He believes sanctuary cities should be defunded by the government.


Tommy Amason believes in limited Federal oversight of education and more control in the hands of the State, County, and local communities. It’s time to start funding our school systems well enough that our children have only world-class academic opportunities!


Tommy Amason will fight ever increasing and overreaching regulations that threaten the farming industry in Alabama.


Lower taxes, less regulations, and more jobs: these are all major positions that Tommy Amason will fight for. Alabamians deserve to keep more of what they make – not having the government take more of their money! Small businesses should have less regulations so they can thrive and in turn grow our economy. And blue-collar workers, like Tommy Amason, should be able to not only keep their jobs, but find better jobs, here in the USA.

Drain The Swamp

Tommy Amason shares President Trump’s desire to rid the government of leaders that work for their own agenda and not the people they serve.

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