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Better care for our Veterans, strengthening our military, protecting our religious freedoms, and ensuring our borders are secure are just a few of the issues Tommy Amason will lead the fight for.


Meet Tommy

With Tommy Amason having served in the US Army for nearly 30 years, having completed 2 combat tours to Iraq, and having trained soldiers for deployment for 2 years, most of his life has been in service to America. Let’s allow him to serve the citizens of District 2 in Washington. Help us elect a brave, common sense conservative.



If you are tired of the corrupt, or the hypocritical, then help us elect an honest, strong leader. Come join a powerful grassroots movement that is supported and run by the people.


About Tommy Amason

Tommy Amason has been married for 26 years to LeAnn Amason, and together, they have four children: Victoria, 25; Morgan, 22; Coleman, 19; and Emilee, 16. He is a devout follower of Christ, and wants nothing more than to use his servant’s heart to help the people of Alabama, and serve God, more than he ever has. Here are a few other pieces of information about Tommy:
  • 29 years of serving the American people in the military. 
  • 2-tour Iraq War Veteran.
  • Member of the NRA.
  • Supports the Trump administration.


Our Campaign Beliefs & Promises


Having been personally victimized by the VA, Tommy Amason understands the lack of treatment and respect our veterans receive. He will act immediately to improve the care for our heroes.

Religious Freedom

A right that is first in the Constitution and kept safe because soldiers gave their lives to defend it, Tommy Amason will never allow the government to infringe on our religious freedoms.


Tommy Amason believes a sovereign nation or state should never have to apologize for asking foreigners to seek citizenship through a democratic process. He will support President Trump’s efforts to strengthen our borders and build a wall.

Thank You For Your Support

A massive “thank you” goes out to every single person who has given even a single cent to our campaign. Your money isn’t being spent on fueling the establishment, it’s being spent on representing your beliefs! If you haven’t given any money, please consider contributing to the only campaign in District 2 of Alabama that believes in you and your liberties!


Elections Start Time

The Republican primary is set for June 05, 2018! Make sure you are registered so you can get out to VOTE!

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